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On the Yahoo! TDD group Kent Beck observed the following in the thread “TDD is Kanban for Code”:

“I disagree that “relentless refactoring” is an implication of TDD is kanban for code.

I find that waiting is one of my most valuable design skills. When I don’t know quite how to resolve an ugly design, I’m better off waiting until either I have an insight or the situation gets enough worse that insight is forced on me.

That was one of my takeaways from the analogy, that maybe I’ve been refactoring too soon.

Note I didn’t say too much, just too soon. What would happen if I made more of a habit of waiting? My code would be messier just sitting there, but I wouldn’t prematurely commit to a design that I later had to unwind before making progress.”

I often tell myself as I code to just let some duplication and/or “smell” live there for a bit. Don’t feel like you have to fix everything immediately, but rather wait until I can clearly see the commonality, thus resisting the urge to “jump to the framework” and instead just let it emerge.