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The two most difficult problems in Computer Science are caching and parallelism.

I have seen many computer systems have problems as the result of poor caching. In addition, they are frequently the hardest to decipher and fix.

Mark Nottingham has published a nice article on HTTP caching, “Caching When You Least Expect it”

Here’s the main takeaway:

…if you publish personalised content on the Web, it does mean you need to think carefully about caching.

The caching model in HTTP wasn’t designed with Cookie authentication in mind. If you assume that no validators and no freshness means no caching, you could be caught out, badly.

This simplest way to fix this is to set a “Cache-Control: private” directive on all personalised responses that way, shared caches know not to reuse it, while browser caches can still, so that user experience isn’t impacted.

“Cache-Control: no-store” also works, but it will avoid the browser cache as well.